Idaho cities prepare for drought conditions to worsen

Boise is feeling the effects of the dryness. Most of Ada County is considered abnormally dry while the rest of the state is in a moderate drought. BOISE, Idaho — Drought conditions in Idaho continue to worsen as the weather warms. While conditions are worsening in other parts of Idaho, the city of Boise is … Read more

Preparing for the heat: How to keep yourself hydrated, protect your skin from the sun

Experts recommend a combination of shade, sunscreen, and water to stay safe during the hot summer months. BOISE, Idaho — Historically high heat is making its way through the Treasure Valley this week, with temperatures reaching the triple digits as early as Thursday. While the early summer weather can be exciting, it can also be … Read more

Here’s how to prepare for the upcoming triple-digit temperatures

As the weather quickly rises, doctors warn that fast-changing temperatures could have negative effects on some people. BOISE, Idaho — As the Treasure Valley approaches triple-digit temperatures early in the year, construction and roofing crews are doing their best to beat the heat. “We’re starting earlier hours,” said Tiffany Duncan, the administrative manager for Rooftops … Read more

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