Brad Inman calls for bold leadership on pocket listings, NIMBYism

During a speech kicking off Inman Connect, Brad Inman said that the industry has evolved quickly during difficult times, but it needs bold leadership to overcome challenges that are holding up supply. Today’s the day: Join us for Inman Connect today to dig into key topics like tomorrow’s forecasts, the key to unlocking new inventory, the “new … Read more

What is dynamic pricing for short-term rentals and how does it work?

Today, there are a number of digital dynamic pricing tools available to property owners that automatically change prices on properties based on a variety of market factors. Vacation rental owners have seasonally priced their properties for decades. But today, there are a number of digital dynamic pricing tools available to property owners that automatically change … Read more

How to help clients ‘hack’ their way into investing

House hacking is a great strategy to introduce to clients who are interested in purchasing an investment property but may not have enough money to own a stand-alone rental property. Here’s what to know. Low mortgage rates and high buyer demand has made both experienced and first-time investors hungry to jump into the real estate … Read more

NAR, Updater partner to provide real-time relocation data to Realtors

The trade group will be able to use “pre-move” data to inform reports on migration patterns and housing demand. With “the great reshuffling” underway as people with increased flexibility to work from anywhere move to homes that better fit their needs, relocation trends can be hard to spot in real time. To tackle that problem, … Read more

DC appeals court reinstates nationwide eviction ban

The battle over the nationwide eviction moratorium continues. A month after Judge Dabney L. Friedrich vacated the moratorium, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s legal right to extend the ban to properties outside of the federal government’s purview. “[The Department of Health and Human Services] has demonstrated … Read more

Man offers discounted rent for dog-sitting, draws internet outrage

A Texas listing asking potential tenants to “take care of my 16-year-old black lab” is making the rounds and being widely mocked online. The listing for the three-bedroom Austin home, which was first unveiled by Reddit user u/KlutzyInflation, offers a “beautifully refurbished Craftsman home in near East Austin” for $2,600 a month. But as you … Read more

From iBuying to iRenting: Innovation in residential real estate

Within the past five years, the process of selling a home has undergone a radical transformation ignited by the “iBuyer” — a real estate company that buys and sells properties using technology. Opendoor created the category back in 2014. Several fellow technology-driven companies like Zillow, OfferPad, and RedFin have entered the space since. The proposition … Read more

The New Normal: What if specialization is the answer?

Post-COVID buyer needs are changing, creating new opportunities for agents who are willing to specialize. What segments stand to gain in the new normal? Dive into Part 5 of Inman’s New Normal series. This is the fifth installment in “The New Normal,” a multistory Inman series exploring what’s returning to normal after the pandemic fades … Read more

Overlooked inventory: 6 ways to find that diamond in the rough

Searching for homes to present to buyers these days can feel a bit like sifting through a pile of rubble in search of a diamond: It’s tedious, and chances of success feel slim. But, inventory can be found anywhere — agents just have to get creative and put a little legwork into unearthing it. It … Read more

NestEgg launches month-to-month property management service

With NestEgg Freedom, landlords and property owners can access NestEgg’s full suite of services for $29 per month per unit. Fintech startup NestEgg has launched Freedom, a month-to-month property management plan. Landlords and real estate investors can now access NestEgg’s full suite of products for $29 per unit per month, according to an announcement on … Read more

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