After soaring lumber prices, some suppliers now see falling prices

“It’s not a significant drop, it’s fallen off 10-15 percent,” said Overland Lumber manager Jeff Adams. BOISE, Idaho — If you’re getting ready to or have been trying to do some of those summer projects, like build a fence or a garden box, you’ve no doubt, been keeping an eye on the price of lumber. … Read more

Canyon County’s ‘volatile’ housing market may be cheaper than Ada County, but ‘it’s still not that affordable’

The median cost of a home in Canyon County is $384,000 according to the Nampa Association of Realtors, a 47.7% increase from last year. NAMPA, Idaho — For those seeking refuge from sky-rocketing housing prices in Ada County, Canyon County might be a more affordable option but its housing market is “absolutely crazy,” according to … Read more

Boise home values go from ‘affordable’ to ‘unattainable’

The median cost of a home in Ada County reached more than $500,000 in May. Now, some residents have seen their property value double within the past eight years. BOISE, Idaho — People in Ada County are watching their home values continue to rise, with little sign of home prices slowing. The median cost of … Read more

208 Redial: What could you get with 50 cents 20 years ago?

In 2001, John Miller took to the streets of Boise to see how residents felt about the rising cost of everything. Today, these prices would be considered a bargain. BOISE, Idaho — Editor’s note: This story originally aired on June 11, 2001. It’s no secret the cost of living was significantly less 20 years ago … Read more

Want a break on your broadband bill? Find out if you’re among the many Idahoans eligible for temporary help

The benefit program includes discounts on computer equipment as well as high-speed internet service. BOISE, Idaho — Remote learning, working from home, video meetings, searching online for jobs, ordering groceries for delivery, and – of course – streaming video binges are, for better or worse, some of the memories many Idahoans will carry from the … Read more

San Francisco news reports ‘Bay Area tech exodus’ could target Boise next

The article references “Boise’s affordability” but fails to capture the systemic issues contributing to the housing crisis. BOISE, Idaho — Editor’s Note: The video above originally aired on June 13 and breaks down the Idaho cities that experienced the most growth in 2019-2020. For Boiseans and Idahoans trying to make it by in the Gem State, … Read more

Median home price in Ada County surpasses $500,000

In Ada County, the median price for a single-family home was $523,250 last month, a year-over-year increase of about 45.4% from May 2020’s $360,000. ADA COUNTY, Idaho — Median home prices in the Treasure Valley increased again in May, with the median home price of a home in Ada County rising above $500,000 for the … Read more

Switch to hand sanitizer cost some Oregon distilleries thousands

The Oregon distilleries we spoke to said they are moving out of the sanitizer business for the most part. PORTLAND, Ore. — Last spring, distilleries across Oregon teamed up to produce hand sanitizer amid a national shortage driven by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, many of those same distilleries have hundreds of gallons leftover. In some … Read more

The price of goods leaving China’s factories is rising at its fastest pace in 13 years

China is getting pummeled by rising costs that have pushed producer price inflation to its highest level in nearly 13 years. Surging inflation in the world’s factory threatens to spill over into the rest of the globe and drive prices that were already ballooning even higher. But economists also say the pressure could begin to … Read more

How will insurers cover a new Alzheimer’s drug?

Health care experts expect broad coverage of the drug, but what that means for patients will vary widely depending on their insurance plan. WASHINGTON — Federal regulators have approved the first new drug for Alzheimer’s disease in nearly 20 years, leaving patients waiting to see how insurers will handle the pricey new treatment. Health care … Read more

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