Inman Review: VoxDirect makes text marketing simple

A “MailChimp” for text marketing, VoxDirect is a mobile app for both major operating systems, helping agents schedule and leverage text messaging for lead capture and nurture. Have suggestions for products that you’d like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. VoxDirect is a text marketing and virtual phone system … Read more

Chime taps Revaluate to empower lead quality with ‘likely to move’ scores

Sales and marketing technology company Chime partners with Revaluate to empower online leads of higher qualification standards. Chime, a sales and marketing technology company for the real estate industry, has announced a partnership with moving data company Revaluate in a press release. The partnership will center on lead identification and capture, as Revaluate’s services probe deep combinations … Read more

10 ways your website is failing you — and how to fix them

If your website is done right, it can be a lead-generating machine. If it’s done wrong, it can end up in the “Google graveyard” bringing in no traffic or benefit to you. Here’s how to fix 10 common mistakes. Nearly every real estate professional out there has a website, but only a handful of those … Read more

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