Kris Lindahl and Terrence Murphy Sr. on scaling expansion teams

At Inman Connect, Lindahl and Murphy noted that team leaders need to know who they are, and stick to their team’s roadmap in order to find success in scaling. Day 2 of Inman Connect is underway with an all-star lineup, including Opendoor’s Eric Wu, Keller Williams’ Wendy Papasan, and many more. Register now to watch the rest … Read more

Deciding on the face of your brand? 3 points to consider

Real estate is an industry based on facial recognition. When you ask people, “Who sold your home?” they almost always answer with their agent’s name — not the brokerage they work for. Here’s what to think about when putting a face to your brand. This June, Inman’s editorial theme is Teams — we’re going to go … Read more

Buying leads? Your business will be kaput in 2 years

The real estate market is healthy. The real estate industry is not. Because too many agents, team leaders and brokers have a huge blind spot in their business models. If you do too, it’ll likely destroy your business in the next two years. Are you receiving our weekly Teams Beat newsletter? For the latest news, insight … Read more

2 more indicted in kidnapping and murder of Minnesota agent

Two more people have been indicted in connection to a New Year’s Eve murder of a Minnesota real estate agent who was lured into a fake showing and then shot to death. Kris Lindahl agent Monique Baugh, 28, had come to a home showing in northern Minneapolis suburb of Maple Grove in her car on … Read more

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