How to train your team to speak to its value

Training your agents to speak about the value of your real estate company will help the entire team grow faster — and that is good value for everyone. Here’s how to do it. As a leader, there are three important things we must do. First, we have to cast the vision. Then we have to … Read more

Tackling agent retention? 4 strategies for a stronger firm

This June, Inman’s editorial theme is Teams — we’re going to go deep on what it takes to grow your team amid this intense seller’s market. And if you’re not already a subscriber to our Teams Beat email newsletter, sent every Thursday, sign up now. It’s well known in the real estate industry that when … Read more

The New Normal: What if real estate agents never go back to the office?

This is the second installment in “The New Normal,” a multistory Inman series exploring what’s returning to normal after the pandemic fades and what will never be the same. Don’t miss part 1, What if the brokerage of the future isn’t a brokerage at all?. And check back tomorrow for the third installment.  The office … Read more

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