Adam Contos shares the 3 principles behind RE/MAX’s success

RE/MAX has been on a roll with solid first-quarter 2021 earnings results, the successful rollout of its First app, and the completion of its largest franchise acquisition in company history. With that in mind, RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos said the company is on track to have one of the best years since its founding in … Read more

‘Grit, tenacity and desire’: 5 mega team leaders on scaling for success

Teams have been on the rise in recent years and many have continued to scale their business, despite the challenges of a pandemic and a fiercely competitive market. Mega teams, in particular, have made a lot of headlines of late as they’ve grown in popularity and forged new partnerships. There doesn’t really seem to be … Read more

The foundation of a resilient company is built on these 3 things

In today’s wild market and post-COVID professional landscape, your organization’s resilience and adaptability are constantly put to the test. To ensure that you’re building resilience into your organization for the long-haul, focus on these three key areas. In today’s wild buyer’s market and the post-COVID professional landscape, it’s no exaggeration to say that many brokerage … Read more

Tackling agent retention? 4 strategies for a stronger firm

This June, Inman’s editorial theme is Teams — we’re going to go deep on what it takes to grow your team amid this intense seller’s market. And if you’re not already a subscriber to our Teams Beat email newsletter, sent every Thursday, sign up now. It’s well known in the real estate industry that when … Read more

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