Meet the 2 agents on California’s gubernatorial recall election ballot

California is on the cusp of a historic moment. The Golden State is preparing for its second-ever gubernatorial recall election in the state’s history, in which voters will decide whether or not Governor Gavin Newsom (D) should be recalled from office, and if so, who should replace him. 2003 was the only other year in … Read more

‘How I scaled from 16 to 60 deals in just one year’

In this episode of Keeping it Real, Steve Kozlowski will share his own journey when he scaled his business from 16 deals to 60 in just 12 months. In a buyer-dominated market of South Carolina, Kozlowski was able to make structural and philosophical changes to his business to focus on sellers, and he won four … Read more

Get buyers homes! 7 tips for sniffing out off-market properties

Finding unlisted properties takes more time and effort than simply looking for homes on the MLS. But in today’s heated seller’s market, these tactics can help you stand out from the pack and help your buyers find their dream homes. This heated seller’s market means higher sales prices (and commission), but it also means some … Read more

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