Doctor weighs in on how safe it is to get kids back in school

By Joe Sutton and Jason Hanna, CNN Florida’s second-largest school district said it will withdraw its mask mandate after the governor threatened to withhold funding from districts that require face coverings. South Florida’s Broward County Public Schools had announced last week that the district would require everyone in their buildings to wear masks to guard … Read more

Kabul residents shout in support of Afghan security following attack

By Tim Lister and Nick Paton Walsh, CNN A car bomb exploded near the home of Afghanistan’s acting defense minister in Kabul on Tuesday evening, just hours after the Afghan army urged residents in another city to evacuate ahead of an operation against the Taliban. The explosion occurred close to Bismillah Mohammadi’s residence, where four … Read more

New York AG: Gov. Cuomo created a hostile work environment for women

By Tierney Sneed and Sonia Moghe, CNN The New York attorney general’s investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo found that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday. The office found that Cuomo harassed current and former state employees, as well as a number of women outside of … Read more

How this mother braces for eviction now that the moratorium expired

By Kevin Liptak, CNN White House officials on Monday described a behind-the-scenes scramble over the weekend to locate any legal avenue for the administration to continue barring evictions. The effort ultimately came up short, the officials said, leaving millions of renters in the lurch and exposing a rare divide with Democratic members of Congress. “I … Read more

‘There’s been enough time’: Frustration builds among the vaccinated

By Madeline Holcombe, CNN The Delta variant is wreaking havoc through much of the United States, but the “silver lining” is that more Americans appear to be at the tipping point of understanding the importance of Covid-19 vaccinations, one expert said. “People are waking up to this,” Director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. … Read more

‘Wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through this’: Unvaccinated man fights Covid-19

By Holly Yan and Aya Elamroussi, CNN Hospitals are surging with unvaccinated patients infected with the Delta variant — which could affect car accident victims and other non-Covid-19 patients who need hospital care, doctors say. “None of these patients thought they would get the virus, but the Delta variant has proven to be so highly … Read more

US Intel assessments paint bleak picture in Afghanistan

By Tim Lister, CNN Heavy fighting between the Taliban and Afghan government forces has continued in the capital of Helmand province, Lashkar Gah. The Taliban now control several districts of the city, according to local journalists contacted by CNN. The Afghan military reinforced its presence in the city on Saturday, bringing in special forces, according … Read more

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