Democrats scramble to pass extension to eviction moratorium at the last minute

By Annie Grayer, Phil Mattingly and Kristin Wilson, CNN Capitol Hill is scrambling Friday to put together a deal to extend the eviction moratorium for renters from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before it expires Saturday night, though Democrats in the House have struggled to find a proposal that has enough support to … Read more

First flight of Afghans who risked lives to help American troops arrive in US

By Kylie Atwood, Jennifer Hansler and Nicole Gaouette, CNN The first group of translators and interpreters who helped US soldiers and diplomats in Afghanistan arrived in the US on Friday, even as thousands more wait in Afghanistan in increasing fear of Taliban reprisals. The first group of approved Afghan applicants for a Special Immigrant Visa … Read more

Senate passes $2 billion Capitol security funding bill in response to January 6 insurrection

By Clare Foran and Jeremy Herb, CNN The Senate voted unanimously on Thursday to approve a roughly $2 billion Capitol Hill security spending bill in response to the deadly January 6 insurrection. The vote was 98-0. The security supplemental funding bill will provide funding for the Capitol Police, the National Guard and other law enforcement … Read more

Fox News host mocked officer with fake trophy. See his response

By Paul LeBlanc, CNN A US Capitol Police officer who was the target of racist slurs during the January 6 insurrection rebuked questions about his credibility from conservative critics Wednesday evening, stating, “I can’t put a Band-Aid on my emotions.” Harry Dunn — one of the four officers who testified Tuesday before the House select … Read more

See Cheney’s reaction after GOP leader blames Pelosi for insurrection

By Paul LeBlanc, CNN Rep. Liz Cheney, one of just two Republicans on the select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, excoriated her party’s leadership on Tuesday for its continued defense of former President Donald Trump’s role in the attack on the US Capitol. Speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead,” Cheney said House … Read more

Why do vaccinated people need to mask? See Gupta’s answer

By Jeremy Diamond, Kevin Liptak and Kaitlan Collins, CNN The steps President Joe Biden’s administration is adopting this week to re-recommend masks and require vaccines for federal workers amount to emergency actions designed to contain a new surge of Covid-19 that has quickly become the top issue confronting the White House. The moves reflect a … Read more

Debate escalates over masks as the start of school year approaches

By John Harwood, Kevin Liptak, Kaitlan Collins and Kate Sullivan, CNN The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to update its guidelines on Tuesday to urge vaccinated people in certain areas of the country to resume wearing masks because of Covid-19. People in areas with high or substantial Covid-19 transmission should resume … Read more

The January 6 select committee will hear from 4 police officers Tuesday. Here are their stories.

By Zachary Cohen and Marshall Cohen, CNN The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack will hear testimony Tuesday from four police officers who were on the front lines that day as rioters supporting then-President Donald Trump violently stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to stop lawmakers from certifying President Joe Biden’s electoral … Read more

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