Meet the 2 agents on California’s gubernatorial recall election ballot

California is on the cusp of a historic moment. The Golden State is preparing for its second-ever gubernatorial recall election in the state’s history, in which voters will decide whether or not Governor Gavin Newsom (D) should be recalled from office, and if so, who should replace him. 2003 was the only other year in … Read more

Why baby boomers have such a huge influence on real estate trends

Some baby boomers are setting their sights on the rental market while others are holding off on moving plans. As the generation with the most real estate wealth, baby boomers have a major influence on the rental and housing markets. In 2017, CNBC reported that boomers were the fastest-growing group of renters in the country, … Read more

Agents reveal 4 ways to drum up more inventory

It’s no easy task finding new leads in today’s market. In April, CBNC reported that there were about twice as many agents as there were available listings. “Frankly, this is not the time for amateurs,” Dana Bull, a real estate agent from Boston, was quoted in the report. “This is the big leagues here.” With … Read more

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