RedfinNow becomes first major iBuyer to launch in Chicago

RedfinNow, the tech-powered brokerage’s iBuying service, has become the first major iBuyer to launch in Chicago, according to a company announcement released Tuesday. Sellers in the Chicago area will now have the opportunity to request a cash offer from RedfinNow, rather than going on the open market to sell their home. Redfin has been operating … Read more

IBuyer offers are clocking in at an average of 104% of market value

Amid a highly competitive market in the first half of 2021, iBuyers began making more competitive offers and expanding the range of homes they were willing to purchase. A new report from real estate technology company zavvie shows that amid a highly competitive market in the first half of 2021, iBuyers began making more competitive … Read more

Inman Review: Can iBuyers get you leads? They can with Zoodealio

Zoodealio’s features and offer comparison tools make every agent an iBuyer in the name of getting more listing business. Have suggestions for products that you’d like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Zoodealio is a seller lead generation solution. Platforms: Web, mobile responsiveIdeal for: Listing agents, teams, brokers Top … Read more

Home office eclipses short commute as a buyer must-have, agents say

Nearly 60 percent of agents surveyed by Homelight said they expect a home office to be a top priority for buyers in a post-vaccine landscape. Well over half of agents in a recent survey expect homebuyers to highly prioritize a home office in a post-vaccine landscape. The desire for home-office space reflects a dramatic shift … Read more

9 contract terms that win sellers over

As a buyer’s agent, your fingers are likely hurting from all of the offers you’ve been writing. You’ve probably had to try numerous things to make your buyers’ offer stand out, getting more and more creative each time. As a listing agent, you’ve probably grown bleary eyed from summarizing multiple offers into a spreadsheet for … Read more

Cash-offer startup Homeward scores $371M in funding

Homeward, a startup that helps consumers make cash offers on houses, announced today that it has raised $371 million in new funding. The new funding is split between $136 million in equity and $235 million in debt, according to a company statement. The statement adds that Homeward will use the new funding to expand the … Read more

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