Bidding wars are cooling off: How to prepare for a shift

It won’t be like this forever. Low inventory, multiple offers, properties selling within hours, limited showings and lines of people standing outside waiting to get in a house. We have all gotten used to this “new normal,” but if you are a newer agent, you don’t know any other way. You have likely been functioning … Read more

How to couch armchair expert advice

This market has been buzzing at awing paces, to the point that it seems like everyone is a real estate expert. And unfortunately, one of the skills all agents need to master is combating the misinformation spread by the armchair experts of the world.  Every buyer and seller you encounter is likely to have numerous … Read more

Miami building tragedy may change condo market forever, agents say

The partial collapse of a luxury condo building in Surfside, Florida, on June 24 has given some homeowners and homebuyers in Florida pause as they consider where they currently live and where they may want to live next. The seemingly unprompted disaster has left many wondering what other secrets buildings may be hiding beneath the … Read more

9 contract terms that win sellers over

As a buyer’s agent, your fingers are likely hurting from all of the offers you’ve been writing. You’ve probably had to try numerous things to make your buyers’ offer stand out, getting more and more creative each time. As a listing agent, you’ve probably grown bleary eyed from summarizing multiple offers into a spreadsheet for … Read more

Will people buy homes sight unseen in a post-pandemic market?

At Inman Connect, realtors Cara Ameer and Gary Gold weighed in on whether they think virtual tours will continue to be enough for homebuyers. We’ve got a full slate of digital and in-real-life events coming up for the best community in real estate. Join us in person in October at Inman Connect Las Vegas and Luxury Connect, and stay … Read more

The New Normal: What if buyers no longer needed hand-holding?

“The New Normal” is a multistory Inman series exploring what’s returning to normal after the pandemic fades and what will never be the same. Check back tomorrow for a new installment and join us June 15-17 when we take the conversation live at Inman Connect. Pre-pandemic ways of doing business have largely fell by the wayside, … Read more

8 things sellers need from their agents in today’s market

When a home hits the market, it’s a whirlwind for not only the listing agent but the seller as well. The onslaught of showings within hours, along with numerous offers that stack up, can leave a seller overwhelmed, confused and unsure of what to do. Reality sets in, and they may find themselves rethinking the … Read more

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