Most listings have bad visuals. Here’s how to stand out

August is Listings Tech theme month at Inman. All month, we’re digging into listing technology, a conversation which spans portals to single-listing sites, landing pages, 3-D tours, photography, videos, promotion and more. We’ve all shaken our heads at truly terrible listing photos. You know the ones — blurry, poorly composed, or few and far between. … Read more

Still not making video? 4 excuses holding you back

Although personal videos are easy and cheap to create, a lot of agents still shy away from them. Here are a few excuses you might be using to avoid the camera and what you can do to overcome them. Real estate agents, team leaders and brokers have been told for years that video is a … Read more

6 video insights that’ll shape your marketing game plan

Marketing and branding are constantly evolving, and agents who are serious about developing their voices and connecting with their audience know the value and the reach video offers. Here, Adam Hamwey, who could arguably be named a pioneer in updating the vlog format for real estate agents, offers insight into what works and what’s next … Read more

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