Home prices in car-dependent markets soared during pandemic

During the pandemic, home prices in car-dependent markets grew twice as fast as home prices in transit-accessible markets, according to a new report by Redfin. New data continues to reveal the impact remote work is having on the consumer-preference shift in the housing market. Per a recent report by Redfin, during the pandemic, home prices … Read more

Changing work-from-home rules are rattling buyers — and their agents

Would-be homebuyers from Detroit and San Diego to Plano, Texas, and the islands of Hawaii are dropping out of deals thanks to suddenly changing work-from-home policies that are re-tethering Americans closer to their offices now that new cases of the COVID virus are beginning to subside, agents told Inman. Since mid-April, new cases of COVID-19 … Read more

How COVID made agents rethink retirement, workload and more

Many real estate professionals say the pandemic made them reconsider things like when they want to retire and work-life balance, while others say the last year has just made them want to double down on work. After a year-plus of uncertainty and extended time at home, people around the world have re-evaluated their priorities from … Read more

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