Inman is being acquired by Beringer Capital

Brad Inman retains an ownership stake, and the current team will continue running the company, with plans for significant growth. Big news, gang, as he might put it. Brad Inman has decided the time has come for him to sell Inman, the real estate information company he started at his kitchen table 25 years ago … Read more

Billion-dollar brokers reveal their secrets to success

At Inman Connect on Tuesday, Brad Inman spoke to Jonathan Spears, and duo Dolly and Jenny Lenz about the factors that led to the success of recent deals. Today’s the day: Join us for Inman Connect Now today to dig into key topics like what to double down on this summer, how to prepare for the next … Read more

RealScout adds ClimateCheck data to platform

Real estate tech startup RealScout has integrated climate change risk data into its listings platform from climate risk assessment company ClimateCheck, RealScout announced on Wednesday. The partnership will now allow consumers who use the RealScout platform when searching for properties to view insights into a home’s risk of incurring damage as a result of climate … Read more

How COVID made agents rethink retirement, workload and more

Many real estate professionals say the pandemic made them reconsider things like when they want to retire and work-life balance, while others say the last year has just made them want to double down on work. After a year-plus of uncertainty and extended time at home, people around the world have re-evaluated their priorities from … Read more

They came for 2-sided deals — then a pocket listing debate broke out

Despite its title — “The End of the Two-Sided Deal: Will This Be The New Normal?” — a panel at Inman Connect quickly turned into an intense debate over the role of pocket listings. Do pocket listing bans ‘devalue’ agents, or benefit consumers?They intended to talk about two-sided deals, but stayed to debate pocket listings … Read more

Brad Inman calls for bold leadership on pocket listings, NIMBYism

During a speech kicking off Inman Connect, Brad Inman said that the industry has evolved quickly during difficult times, but it needs bold leadership to overcome challenges that are holding up supply. Today’s the day: Join us for Inman Connect today to dig into key topics like tomorrow’s forecasts, the key to unlocking new inventory, the “new … Read more

WATCH: Opendoor’s Eric Wu and Brad Inman talk digital transformation — and Bill Murray

At Inman Connect, June 15-17, Brad Inman will interview Eric Wu, the co-founder and CEO of Opendoor. The session title: Will real estate transactions ever be a one-stop shop?  The conversation is packed with insights, and there are no holds barred. The talk between Wu and Inman includes the state of digital transformation in real estate and … Read more

Side CEO: ‘There’s no more room for mediocre’

A pair of real estate leaders debated new brokerage models Tuesday during Connect Now, and concluded that top-producers may need something unconventional. Today’s the day: Join us for Inman Connect Now today to dig into key topics like how to generate new listings using creative tactics, how to leverage Instagram and much more. Register now to watch the rest … Read more

WATCH: ‘New business models where Realtors can hang their shingle’

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WATCH: ‘If consumers lose, agents lose’ in new world of real estate finance

At Connect Now on May 18, Clelia Peters is hosting the first of a three-part series on disruptions in real estate finance and will dive in with leaders in the emerging transaction facilitation space. Shaival Shah, CEO & co-founder of Ribbon, and Tim Heyl, CEO & founder of Homeward, will join her to discuss how … Read more

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