Murgoitio park trade: Records shed new light on possible swap – and what the city can and can’t do

BoiseDev Exclusive A story BoiseDev members got first. All eyes are on Boise City Hall in the next few weeks to see if the city council will go through with a land swap proposal to trade a long-dormant park site outside city limits for foothills land. Public records obtained by BoiseDev shed new light on … Read more

Boise’s airport isn’t “small” anymore. The change may cost some funding

Come fall, the Boise Airport will likely lose some funding. Data from last year shows that Boise had the 61st busiest airport in the country with 992,342 people getting on or off a plane. This means the Federal Aviation Administration will reclassify it from a small hub to a medium hub. Medium hubs are airports … Read more

New flights from Boise to north end of Seattle area finally set to start

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting the Boise area, we told you about a plan to add a flight from Boise to a secondary airport in the Seattle metro area. But the flights never took off amidst a slow year of air travel. Now, Alaska Airlines says it will finally get the flight back … Read more

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