7 strategies for winning a bidding war

Remember that in a hot market like this, building a relationship with the agent can make a difference between your offer and the other 10 or so on the table. Here’s how to stand out. New to the industry? Get started with everything you need to know about the early decisions that’ll shape your career, … Read more

Glenn Kelman shares 14 reasons the market is so ‘bizarre’ now

What is a homebuyer to do when offering five figures above the asking price, waiving inspection contingencies and making other concessions isn’t enough to win the home of their dreams or at least one of the homes available right now? While some buyers are simply bowing out, others have begun making desperate decisions, such as offering … Read more

5 assumptions that can harm your clients and hurt your commission

Over the years, I have seen many real estate agents make assumptions and act accordingly. Although some conjectures are relatively harmless, others have cost the agent’s clients dearly, especially in a volatile market such as the current one. One thing I have learned: Do not make assumptions — they can lead to critical mistakes. Here are our … Read more

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