Why baby boomers have such a huge influence on real estate trends

Some baby boomers are setting their sights on the rental market while others are holding off on moving plans. As the generation with the most real estate wealth, baby boomers have a major influence on the rental and housing markets. In 2017, CNBC reported that boomers were the fastest-growing group of renters in the country, … Read more

‘What am I supposed to do?’: As US ages in place, report hits a nerve

A New York Times story on baby boomers not selling their homes sparked an inter-generational dispute online, complete with accusations and existential dread. Baby boomers aren’t in a rush to move out of the homes where they formed years of precious memories. But does this make them complicit in the nation’s housing inventory shortage? This … Read more

Millennials, baby boomers upbeat about current housing market

Most Americans are currently upbeat about selling a home in today’s market, according to a new survey, though only a minority of consumers think the market will actually remain strong for a year or more. The survey comes from iBuying behemoth Opendoor and was published in a report Wednesday. It shows that a total of … Read more

Inman Handbook on new-home sales

This is the second installment of a new Inman series digging into, and explaining, routine real estate economic metrics and how they’re used to illuminate the current housing market and inventory crises. Don’t miss part 1, The Inman handbook on pending home sales, and check back tomorrow for the third installment on existing-home sales. Real … Read more

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