Clubhouse ditches invite-only system, opens platform to all

The audio-only social app was once the buzziest thing in tech and real estate. Is going wide enough to save it? Clubhouse, which last winter exploded onto the scene as one of the buzziest apps in the world, announced Wednesday that it is removing its biggest barrier to widespread adoption: the exclusive invite. The question … Read more

Space tourism means closing gifts could soon be out of this world

Richard Branson’s successful trip to outer space means that space tourism is becoming a reality for the public. How long before it becomes a common perk offered to luxury buyers? Earthly extravagances like a custom car collection, $2 million worth of Damien Hirst artwork, or a summer rental in the Hamptons have long been offered … Read more

Elon Musk puts final home on market 1 year after vowing to unload all ‘earthly possessions’

A year after vowing to sell off all his “earthly possessions,” Elon Musk is selling his last remaining property in California. Part response to criticism of his wealth and part decision to get rid of distractions amid his plans to take SpaceX to Mars, Musk sold three of his homes in Bel Air late last … Read more

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