Live updates: Mother of murdered 3-year-old erupts, flings bottle at defendant in Boise courtroom

Timmy Kinner pleaded guilty in March to first-degree murder and 11 other counts, including aggravated assault, aggravated battery and use of a deadly weapon.

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The mother of the 3-year-old girl killed in a bloody rampage in Boise in 2018 was dragged screaming from the courtroom Thursday morning after lobbing a metal water bottle at her daughter’s killer. 

“Ruya! Ruya! Ruya!” the woman screamed. 

The outburst temporarily interrupted the sentencing of 33-year-old Timmy Kinner, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to first-degree murder and 11 other charges in connection to the mass stabbing at a child’s birthday party at the Wylie Street Station Apartments. 

Three adults and six children were injured, including the little birthday girl Ruya Kadir, who died from her injuries.

Bifituu Kadir, her mother, said the attack happened when she stepped back into her apartment to get Ruya’s cake. 

“I had a very happy girl. My daughter was very happy. She was sitting outside,” Kadir said through a translator. “That man was outside sitting. So I had no idea that this individual was planning to kill my daughter.”

“I wish he killed me instead,” she continued.

Kadir said another child ran inside, crying too hard to be understood. At first, she thought that two men had gotten into a fight in the park. 

Then she saw Ruya.

“My daughter was laying by the door. Her eyes were open, my daughter’s eyes were open,” Kadir said through tears. “That day I tried to close her eyes. I just didn’t want to see her open-eyed. I ran. I just couldn’t make it. I just could not rescue her.”

Officials say Kinner, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, knew no one at the party and had no reason to target the victims. 

Kadir confronted Kinner in court, questioning why he had attacked her 3-year-old.

“Are you sleeping? Are you eating? Do you remember? What did my daughter tell you?” she asked. “Because your life was bad, it doesn’t give you the right to kill people.”

He didn’t look at her.

The mother erupted a short time later as prosecutor Dan Dinger laid out a timeline of the carnage: an 8-year-old boy knifed in the stomach, a woman stabbed more than a dozen times, a 7-year-old slashed across the face, a 2-year-old stabbed in the chest as she was carried in her mother’s arms. 

Kinner pursued victims as they ran away, hid behind a curtain and leapt out onto them, and seemingly chose the youngest and smallest children to go after, Dinger said. At some point, he came upon Ruya, sitting outside in the June evening, waiting for her slice of cake. 

“He picks her up, he stabs her in the heart, and he throws her to the ground,” Dinger said.

At that moment, Ruya’s mother lobbed a large metal water bottle in an arc across the room, smashing into the wood paneling near Kinner. Screaming, she rose and rushed toward him as others in the gallery and courtroom marshals struggled to hold her back. Kadir threw a tissue box across the room towards her daughter’s killer as he was hustled from the room. Other marshals and security darted in, forming a melee as they struggled to pull the weeping woman to the ground. 

As she was pulled from the courtroom into the hallway, Kadir called out her daughter’s name over and over. 

Kinner’s plea deal took the possibility of the death penalty off the table. Prosecutors have asked the judge to hand down multiple consecutive life sentences, followed by more long consecutive time for stabbing other victims who survived, all but guaranteeing Kinner will die behind bars. 

However long that takes, Ruya’s mother said, she is determined to outlive him.

“I will go to where you are buried and I will spit on it,” she said. “But that will not bring my daughter back.”

The sentencing will continue Thursday afternoon.

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