Coyote kills dog in Hulls Gulch

Coyotes can be very protective of their young, particularly during the spring and early summer months.

BOISE, Idaho — A pet dog was killed by a coyote along a popular trail in the Boise Foothills on Sunday. 

The incident happened in Lower Hulls Gulch, about a half-mile above the Red Cliffs Trail junction.

“Please be ultra-vigilant with your pets, and leash them for their own safety while traveling in this area,” Ridge to Rivers posted. 

Coyotes are native to Idaho and numerous in the Foothills. Although they are normally elusive, the animals can become aggressive particularly in the spring and early summer months while protecting dens of their pups. 

Coyote attacks on people are rare, but they are known to kill cats and smaller animals, and may attack even a larger dog. Hikers can help protect their pets by keeping them close by or on a leash. 

Anyone who sees a coyote in the foothills should give it space and not approach it or let pets approach it. 

“The Idaho Department of Fish and Game manages all wildlife in the state, and has been made aware of this incident,” Ridge to Rivers wrote. “Please help us to pass this message along to other trail users.”

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