An American teacher was jailed for child abuse in China in 2014. He still says he’s innocent — if only anyone would listen.

(CNN) — David McMahon hated the design of his classroom. Located on the ground floor of the Pudong campus of the Shanghai French School, its almost floor-to-ceiling windows made him feel like he was “teaching in aquarium,” in the words of one of McMahon’s colleagues. Passersby couldn’t help but look in, and their attention would … Read more

A shepherd saved six runners from extreme weather during deadly ultra-marathon

(CNN) — A shepherd in northwest China has been credited with saving six trail runners from dangerously extreme weather, according to state media. Twenty-one other runners died during the 100-kilometer (62-mile) race on Saturday. According to China National Radio, Zhu Keming was grazing his sheep near the high-altitude Huanghe Shilin Mountain in Gansu Province when … Read more

Millions of mice are swarming Australian towns. Now there’s a plan to end the plague with poison

(CNN) — “The only good mouse is a dead mouse,” Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister declared this week, as New South Wales stepped up its war on mice with a plan to poison the plague infesting large parts of the state. For months, mice have ravaged fields and infested homes in eastern Australia, from the Victoria … Read more

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