Birds rarely seen in eastern Idaho visit my front yard for the first time in 3 years

A flock of about 14 Red crossbills recently showed up in the four large, cone-laden mixed evergreens in my front yard, with their soft “clip-clip-chip” calls. It did not take them long to discover the sunflower seed feeders. | Bill Schiess, After three years of being absent, a flock of about 14 Red crossbills … Read more

Fishermen crowd the Cliffs for the opening weekend of fishing season on Henrys Lake

Alton Hansen from Rexburg with an eight-pounder caught on opening day at Henrys Lake. | Bill Schiess, “Fishing on opening day was fantastic by the Cliffs and the five of us caught a lot of fish,” said Mike Bruton of Rexburg. “We were done by 9:30 with an eight-pounder and a seven-pounder, both caught … Read more

Pelicans were gathered at Henrys Lake last week, which means fishing season is about to begin

Over 100 pelicans waiting for trout to run up Timber Creek on Henrys Lake. | Bill Schiess, Hundreds of pelicans stacked at the mouths of the streams running into Henrys Lake can only be there for one reason – easy food. The spawning fish fighting through the shallows to get to the stream are … Read more

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