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My Idaho: Family birthday times three

February 27th may not much mean to you, but for a Canyon County family, it’s a big day, times three.

You see Mark Dougal was born on February 27th. Trevor Dougal was born on February 27th. And yes, Maxwell Dougal was born on February 27th. Father, son, and grandson. What are the odds?

To figure that out we would have to start with 365 days in a year. You take three random people, and you are close to one in 49 million, but it gets a little more complicated because it’s the same family, same gender. The real odds would be close to impossible.

Did I mention it gets even more complicated? Trevor explains. “We are all the second son born, it’s the second son born on February 27th.”The 2/27 trio admits they share birthday cakes, birthday songs, but agree they do get different birthday presents.

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