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First lady unveils Valentine’s Day decorations on White House lawn

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden walked the White House grounds arm-in-arm Friday morning to view directions set up for Valentine’s Day.

Large decorative pink, red and white hearts popped up on the White House lawn overnight.

Reminiscent of iconic Valentine’s “conversation hearts” candies, the White House display includes messages like “UNITY,” “HEALING” and “KINDNESS.”

The decorations were reportedly commissioned by the first lady as a surprise for the president and the U.S.

Jill Biden has taken an active role in the Biden administration in her short time as first lady.

Earlier this week she made public statements calling for free access to community college, and she’s made several public appearances calling for national unity.

A teacher at Northern Virginia Community College, the first lady has also continued to teach her classes from the White House via Zoom meetings.

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